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At Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we know that you want to be able to live the life you always imagined. The problem is your hearing challenges often hold you back from fully participating in that life, which can make you feel frustrated, embarrassed, and at times detached from what is going on. We believe that you should be able to enjoy dining out, family gatherings, and one-on-one conversations without having to struggle to hear or continuously ask people to repeat themselves.

We understand that there is a lot to learn and understand about your hearing diagnosis and that finding the best option to improve your ability to hear can feel overwhelming which is why we approach audiology from both a scientific and human perspective to guide you through the process. We take the time to answer all your questions and provide vital information so you can comfortably make decisions that will that support your lifestyle.

A Holistic Approach To Your Hearing

Extensive Evaluations

Our comprehensive testing allows you to receive answers and find solutions. Our goal is to ensure you are able to hear well in any situation.

Committed to Your Care

From our friendly atmosphere to our continued education, we strive to consistently provide the best education, treatment, and care.

Comfortable Environment

We want you to feel comfortable and at home with us. We do everything possible to create an inviting atmosphere.

Comprehensive Hearing Exams

Hearing Aid
Fitting Package

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Reprogramming Appointment

Bluetooth/Accessory Appointment

Comprehensive Hearing Exam


This exam is the first step toward hearing better. Or, if you’re already a patient, this annual exam ensures we catch any hearing changes over time. It includes:

Audiological Evaluation

A complete diagnostic hearing exam to help us determine:

• If you have hearing loss
• If so, which part of the ear causing it and the type of hearing loss
• Whether further medical treatment is needed.


– Otoscopy using a video otoscope
– Tympanometry (if necessary)
– Otoacoustic Emissions testing (if necessary)
– Pure Tone Air Conduction testing
– Pure Tone Bone Conduction testing
– Speech Reception Threshold test
– Suprathreshold Word Recognition testing in both ears separately and/or both ears simultaneously
– PB Rollover testing
-Uncomfortable Loudness Level testing

Communication Needs Assessment

An evaluation that tests subjective hearing and central auditory function to help us understand:

• How best to help your hearing and communication ability
• If you have a hidden hearing loss that isn’t detected through traditional audiometric testing
• The extent of central auditory decline resulting from a hearing loss

– Hearing Handicap Inventory
– Word Recognition at normal conversational levels
– Extended High-Frequency Air Conduction testing
– Acceptable Noise Level test
– Speech In Noise testing
– Listening Fatigue Screening

Personalized Care Plan

We work with you to develop a care plan that serves your unique needs:

• The cause of your hearing difficulties
• Whether or not hearing aids can help
• Realistic goals for your hearing improvement
• Communication strategies for you and your loved ones to help you rejoin the conversation
• If needed, a referral for medical management
• If needed, a Hearing Aid Exam and Selection using the Characteristics of Amplification Tool

Appointment Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Hearing Aid Fitting Package


We put together this appointment package to ensure that our patients get the most from their new hearing devices. By the end of your appointment package, you will feel comfortable and confident with your new hearing aids. This package includes:

Hearing Aid Delivery Appointment

• Deliver your new devices
• Explain how to use and maintain your hearing aids
• Ensure the hearing aids fit properly and are comfortable
• Calibrate the hearing aids to your unique hearing loss using real-ear measurements (REM)
• Answer any questions you have

First Follow-up Appointment

• Ensure the hearing aids are comfortable
• Ensure the hearing aids are helping you hear better
• Assist you with connecting your hearing aids to your smartphone
• Answer any questions you have

Second Follow-up Appointment

• Test the benefit you are getting from your hearing aids
• Recommend ways to improve your hearing and communications further
• Answer any last questions to ensure that you feel comfortable using your hearing aids and accessories

Additional Services

Hearing Aid Maintenance Appointment

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your hearing aids working as long as possible. In this appointment, we clean your hearing aids thoroughly and change all disposable parts. We also test the hearing aids to verify that they meet ANSI and manufacturer specifications. This regular maintenance helps you get the most out of the investment you’ve made in your hearing.

Reprogramming Appointment

Are your hearing aids not working as well as they used to? Occasionally, they need to be adjusted to continue to meet your needs. We use Real-Ear Measurements to verify the programming and calibration to get your hearing aids working better to meet your needs.

Bluetooth & Accessory Appointment


Today, most hearing aids can connect with your smartphone or stream television signals with an accessory. We can help connect your hearing aids to accessories whether you got a new phone, want to add a device, or need help troubleshooting connection problems.

Steps For Better Hearing

Step 1 to hearing better - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Schedule a Consultation

We learn about you and the hearing challenges that you have been facing, explain the process, and schedule your Audiological Evaluation and Communication Needs Assessment.

Step 2 to hearing better - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Explore the Best Options for You

Based on the results of your evaluation and assessment, we suggest options that may include hearing aids, providing optimal hearing outcomes that will positively impact your life.

Step 3 to hearing better - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Actively Participate in Your Life!

Do the activities you enjoy, laugh with your grandkids, communicate with ease at restaurants. Enjoy a full life and no longer be held back by hearing loss.

Read More About Hearing Loss and Testing Services

Signs of Hearing Loss

When you start to notice symptoms of hearing difficulty or hearing loss, it can be confusing and scary.​ Once you start experiencing some of these signs, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose hearing forever – it just means it’s time to come in and see us!

Should You See an Audiologist?

We created this questionnaire to help you decide if you should see an audiologist. Please take a look at the questions below and answer yes or no. Answer the questions honestly.

What Happens During a Hearing Test?

Commonly known as a hearing test, an Audiological Evaluation consists of several tests to determine the type and extent of hearing loss someone suffers. The results of these tests are used to determine the best treatment options.

Not All Audiologists Treat
Hearing Loss the Same

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