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Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

Dr. Erin Rushing is a licensed audiologist and owner of Comprehensive Hearing Solutions. She provides comprehensive hearing care and hearing aids for the hearing impaired. Conveniently located in Houma, LA, we’re a short drive away for quality hearing care.

From school-aged kids to seniors, we can help you overcome your hearing challenges and be a part of the conversation.

Dr. Erin Rushing, Audiologist in Houma, LA. Owner of Comprehensive Hearing Solutions.

Hometown Houma, LA Audiologist

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions Is Your Hearing Care Family

We’re a family owned and operated audiology practice. We’re not a franchise

We are 100% independent. We’re not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer nor do we have any business relationships with a hearing aid manufacturer. 

Our recommendations and offerings come from our own experiences helping patients overcome their hearing challenges.

Dr. Erin Rushing, audiologist and owner of Comprehensive Hearing Solutions holding an Oticon hearing aid in Houma, La.

Hearing Aids and Premium Audiology Care

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions Is More Than A Name

We provide rehabilitative hearing health care so you can be a part of the conversation. Dr. Erin Rushing uses the latest techniques in audiology so you can hear your best. 

No need to figure out how to adjust hearing devices on your own or worry if your making the right choice.

Never Wonder Again What They Said

Misunderstanding what your grandchild said or the joke that everyone else laughed at can make you feel left out and alone in your struggle to hear.

There is a better option!

Our audiologist can improve your hearing and improve the quality of your life.

Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests for Houma, Thibodaux & Surrounding Areas

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions Makes It Easy

With over 10 years of training and a love for helping people live fulfilling lives, Dr. Erin Graugnard Rushing, our audiologist, and Walter L. Rushing IV, make aural rehabilitation comfortable and easy for you.

We have thoughtfully crafted every step of the process to offer the most comprehensive hearing care in the area. We’re here with you every step of the way.

Dr Erin Rushing, Audiologist in Houma, Louisiana.

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions Can Help You…

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Hear Your Loved Ones

Kids really do say the darndest things and you should be able to understand them without straining or guessing.

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Hear In A Variety Of Settings

Comfortably communicate in a noisy restaurant, family gathering, or quiet night in. We provide optimal solutions for all.

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Hear With Ease

Not being able to hear well can be mentally exhausting and force you to strain to be a part of the conversation.

Hearing Services That Work!

Dr. Erin Rushing, audiologist, conducting a hearing exam in Houma, La.

Hearing Exams

Our comprehensive exam includes a complete diagnostic hearing exam, a Communication Needs Assessment to test subjective hearing and central auditory function and a Personalized Care Plan for every patient. 

Dr. Erin Rushing, audiologist, performing a hearing aid fitting in Houma, La.

Hearing Instrument Fittings

This hearing aid fitting package includes hearing aid calibration using real-ear measurements (REM). We also include two follow-up appointments to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with your new hearing aids.

Hearing Aid cleaning at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions in Houma, La.

Hearing Instrument

With regular maintenance, your hearing aids can last for years. We clean your hearing aids and change disposable parts. We also test the hearing aids using electroacoustic analysis to make sure they’re working as the manufacturer intended.

What Do Our Patients Think?

Life is short. Take care of your hearing with two of the best humans you’ll ever find. Really! Dr Erin knows her stuff. Her commitment to each individual is obvious. I drive from Metairie and it is worth every minute.

-Kim W.

I love this place!! I love not only getting great service on my hearing aid but I love chatting with Erin and Walter. They make you feel at home!

-Cela M.

These are 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet. This is my third pair of hearing aids and I was never fitted like these were fitted. I have to touch ever once in a while to see if they are in. So comfortable seem they are not in.

-Jerry M.

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Hearing aid supplies at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions in Houma, La.

Get Ready To Hear Better

1. Schedule an appointment with our audiologist.
2. Explore the best options for you.
3. Actively participate in your life!

Providing Audiological Evaluation and Communication Needs Assessment for Houma, Thibodaux, Raceland, Lockport, Bourg, and the surrounding area.