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Meet the husband and wife team at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions.


Your Audiologist

Hi there! I’m Dr. Rushing, but you can call me “Erin.” I’m the audiologist at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions. 

As an undergraduate student majoring in Biology at UL Lafayette, I studied hair cells in sea anemones that detect vibrations in the water, similar to the tiny hairs in human ears. The time I spent in the lab inspired me to learn more about human hearing. In fact, during my research, my professor got hearing aids, and when he explained his experience, he said, “I really think you would like this,” and something clicked. I had always wanted to work with people, not holed up in a lab, and I suddenly realized how I could put my knowledge to use.

I earned my Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D) from LSU in 2012, but took as many opportunities to extend my learning as I could.

Working for other audiology clinics helped me to discover that, unlike other clinical settings, a private practice allows me the time needed to really listen to my patients and the flexibility to address their concerns and put them at ease. When the opportunity to start a practice of my own in southern Louisiana presented itself, I felt like I was coming home. I am passionate about serving Louisiana’s Bayou Region, and we are proud to offer our patients the most comprehensive hearing healthcare in the area.


Certified Audiology Assistant

While I function as the Office Manager, I am your Patient Care Consultant, and you can call me “Wally”! When you start working with us, I am often the first person you will speak to and the first person you’ll meet.

Like Erin, I love working with people. I enjoy greeting patients as they arrive, helping with paperwork and scheduling appointments. I can even help with troubleshooting and supplies! I educate new patients on our process, determine whether and how we can address their hearing issues, and explain what to expect for their appointments. Providing excellent customer service is very important to me, and I work hard to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming.

As a vocalist and musician, I have a personal interest in acoustics and the physics of sound. I also have a background in accounting, which I feel provides a solid foundation to understand all aspects of business. My role here at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions integrates my passion for sound with delivering a product and service that people need.

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Live Better

Hearing problems can make family gatherings, a night out on the town, or even a relaxing night watching a show challenging and frustrating. At Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we take a comprehensive and thorough approach to understanding your hearing challenges, improving your hearing, and giving you back the life you created.

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Hearing exams by Dr. Erin Rushing in Houma, Louisiana.

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Dr. Erin Rushing, audiologist, performing a hearing aid fitting in Houma, La.

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