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Hearing Aids Tailored Just For YOU

Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all, over-the-counter solution. Choosing the right hearing instrument can drastically improve your hearing and have a huge impact on how full of a life you continue to lead.

A thorough evaluation and assessment is just the first step in the process of hearing better. If hearing aids are needed, we take the time to educate you on your diagnosis and the different hearing aid options best suited for your hearing loss. Once you decide on the right hearing aid for you, we ensure it is properly calibrated and fits comfortably to give you a tailored, custom feel that supports your lifestyle.

The Right Device For Your Hearing Loss

We offer hearing aids that provide different hearing benefits at several price points to find the right fit for all our customers. And we list our prices upfront, so there are no surprises.

We work with several hearing aid manufacturers to provide a selection of hearing aids to meet your unique needs. All our hearing aids are regulated Class I and Class II Medical Devices.

In order to keep costs down for our patients, we don’t offer bundles or annual service packages. When you purchase hearing aids from us, you pay only for the devices and a professional fitting package to ensure the right fit and programming. From then on, only schedule the appointments you need to manage your hearing loss and maintain your hearing aids. 

We offer a 45-day trial period for all new hearing aid purchases along with our Hearing Aid Fitting appointment package. This package ensures that our patients feel comfortable and confident with their new hearing aids. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your hearing aids, you can refund them for the cost of the devices, less the fee for the professional fitting package. For more information, please contact us.

Hearing Aids Pricing

The prices listed are for binaural fittings (two hearing aids). We do offer monaural fittings (one hearing aid). If you’re interested in pricing for one hearing aid, please give us a call.

The prices listed do not include taxes but do include our $670 professional fitting package. We do not offer hearing aids without our professional fitting package.

Our hearing aid prices differ based on technology level and rechargeability. Not on hear aid style. You can choose either an In-The-Ear (ITE) or Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid at any technology level.



Who is it for: Those with a QuickSIN Score of 7dB or greater and/or an ANL Score of 13dB or greater. Those with dynamic, active lifestyles wanting the most benefit in all listening environments including crowds, parties, social events, and car rides.

  • Oticon More 1
  • Unitron Moxi Blu 9
  • Oticon Own 1
  • Unitron DX Insera 9



Who is it for: Those with a QuickSIN Score of 3-6.5 dB and/or an ANL Score of 8-12dB. Those who avoid crowds but still want to hear their best in moderately noisy environments like restaurants, the theater, and meetings.

  • Oticon More 2
  • Unitron Moxi Blu 7
  • Oticon Own 2
  • Unitron DX Insera 7



Who is it for: Those with a QuickSIN Score of 2.5dB or less and/or an ANL Score of 7dB or less. Those looking for help in less complex listening environments like quiet restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes.

  • Oticon More 3
  • Unitron Moxi Blu 5
  • Oticon Own 3
  • Unitron DX Insera 5



Who is it for: Those with a QuickSIN Score of 2.5dB or less and/or an ANL Score of 7dB or less. Those looking for help in simple, mostly quiet environments.

  • Oticon Zircon 1
  • Unitron Moxi Blu 3
  • Oticon Own 4
  • Unitron DX Insera 3



Who is it for: Those with a QuickSIN Score of 2.5dB or less and/or an ANL Score of 7dB or less. Budget-conscious patients and those who lead quiet lifestyles. Those only concerned about one-on-one conversations in quiet environments.

Different Types of Hearing Aids - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

Notable Developments in Hearing Aids You Should Know About

Hearing technology has come a long way. Advancements in computer technologies have paved the way for significant improvements in how hearing aids work. This blog will discuss several notable developments in hearing aids that you should know about.

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