Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Hearing Aid Reprogramming in Houma, LA

Hearing Aid Reprogramming & Hearing Aid Fittingat Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

If you have trouble hearing or your hearing aids aren’t working as well as they used to, it may be time for a hearing aid tune-up. Comprehensive Hearing Solutions offers professional hearing aid reprogramming services to keep you hearing your best.


Why You Need Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Prescription hearing aids are calibrated to amplify sounds based on the unique needs of your hearing loss during your initial fitting. Your hearing capacity changes over time, and this is due to a variety of factors, such as worsening of your hearing loss, amplification factors, and environmental factors.

If you notice that you’re not hearing as well as before, it’s critical to get your hearing aids checked out by a hearing care professional immediately.

At Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, our team of experts will test your current hearing capacity, evaluate your environment, and adjust your hearing aid to ensure they are optimized for your needs and living conditions.

Optimize Your Hearing Aid

Here at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we use probe-mic or real ear measurements to assess your hearing aids and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures that your devices are properly calibrated to meet your unique hearing needs.

Real ear measurements confirm if your hearing aids’ amplification settings adequately provide loud and soft sounds at the right level. This test determines the sound levels produced by your hearing aids in each ear while your audiologist checks how you hear sounds with your hearing aid on.

Through real ear measurements, we can optimize the sound quality of your hearing aids and make sure that they’re properly adjusted for your current hearing loss and needs.

Our Process

Here at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to hearing aid reprogramming:

First, we’ll perform an otoscopy to check your ear canal for any blockages.

Next, we’ll place the probe tube of a real ear measurement system into your ear canal. This part is not painful and may even feel like getting ticked.

Then, we’ll conduct real ear measurements to confirm that your devices provide the right amplification level. Using the probe-mic system, we’ll adjust the amplification settings on your hearing aids until they amplify soft, medium, and loud sounds at the right level.

Here at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we can design hearing aid programs to help you hear better in different environments. For example, we can create a program with minimal noise reduction for when you’re in a quiet room. Or, we can add more noise reduction for when you’re in noisy places.

Finally, we’ll remove the probe and ensure that your hearing aid is comfortable.

We’re Ready to Hear From You

Different people have different hearing needs; even the slightest difference in frequency in your hearing aid makes a significant change. Hearing aid reprogramming is a simple, non-invasive process that ensures you can hear the world clearly.

At Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we can assess, modify, or update your hearing aids based on your current hearing needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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