Hearing Aid Conformity Evaluation

Are your hearing aids set to your prescription? With a hearing aid conformity evaluation, we can tell you.

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What Is a Hearing Aid Conformity Evaluation?

It’s a test where we measure your hearing aids output to see if they’re set for your prescription.
Your prescription tells us how much gain you need from the hearing aid. It’s based on your audiogram. The audiogram is a graph that shows your hearing sensitivity. We apply this data to the NAL NL-2 fitting rationale to generate your prescription.
We use our real-ear system to measure your hearing aid’s response. This response is then compared to your prescription. We can then recommend reprogramming if the hearing aid doesn’t conform to your prescription.

When Would I Need a Hearing Aid Conformity Evaluation?

We do this service most often for new patients with hearing aids from another provider. We perform conformity evaluations anytime we have concerns about a hearing device’s programming.
Your hearing aids should be programmed to your prescription for you to hear your best. Doing this with a real ear system is the most accurate way to fit a hearing aid. Unfortunately, most hearing care providers don’t use real ear systems. So, we can’t guarantee that new patients with devices from somewhere else are fit to target. The only way to know for sure is to check!
We use a real ear system to fit hearing aids to prescriptive targets. So, we know that existing patients don’t usually need this service. Yet, there are times when we might deviate from targets for a specific case. So, for these patients, we may do a conformity evaluation to see how far their programming is from targets.
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