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How long have you been using your hearing aids? Hearing aids tend to deteriorate in the long run due to wear and tear. Other times, it can be due to the accumulation of particles that eventually clog up its internal mechanism. What’s the use of a hearing aid when it can no longer aid your hearing as promised?

At Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we offer services such as hearing aid deep cleaning and Electroacoustic Analysis (EAA). These services will keep your hearing aids in tip-top and perfect condition. If you’re concerned about the quality of your hearing aids, feel free to schedule an appointment with us today.

Hearing Aid Deep Cleaning

No matter how frequently you clean your hearing aids at home, having them professionally cleaned is important too. We have the tools necessary to perform a thorough and safe removal of debris, built-up wax, and oil without damaging any of its parts like the receivers. We also need to troubleshoot any faulty parts in your hearing aids to avoid permanent damage.

The following are the routines included in our hearing aid cleaning services:

  • Clean and sanitize the exterior of the hearing instruments
  • Brush the microphones to loosen any dirt and grime present
  • Vacuum out and vents, microphone ports, and receivers
  • Remove any wax and debris stuck in any vent
  • Replace domes, wax filters, microphone covers, and receivers when applicable
  • Replace the battery in battery-powered hearing aids
  • Run the hearing aid in a four-minute cycle in our hearing aid dryer to remove residual moisture
  • Update the hearing aids’ firmware if necessary

If you want to know more about our hearing aid deep cleaning procedure, don’t hesitate to call us.

Electroacoustic Analysis (EAA)

EAA is a quick test usually done on repaired or newly purchased hearing aids to ensure that they’re functional and all the features work as expected.

How We Conduct EAA

First, we use our hearing instrument test boxes to conduct a series of tests on the hearing aid. We have to ensure that it meets the manufacturers’ specifications for hearing aid performance. However, this is a general assessment that does not include the appropriate programming for the wearer yet.

We will first determine whether the hearing aid is operating according to the conditions specified and required by the manufacturer. This procedure is necessary to determine whether the hearing aid has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

Reminders About Hearing Specifications

If the cleaning and receiver replacement do not meet the specifications after running the tests, the hearing shall be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Meanwhile, if the hearing aid functions as it should, but our client has trouble hearing, more hearing tests will be performed to detect underlying hearing conditions.

Your Hearing Aids Need Proper Care

You wear your hearing aids daily, and these are prone to dirt and wax buildup if left uncleaned for a long time. Since these aids are subject to harsh environments, they require the best hearing aid maintenance for longevity.

We recommend this service to hearing aid wearers who aren’t hearing as well as they’re used to. If you’re currently experiencing this, schedule a consultation today for better insights about your condition.

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