Ear Impressions

Ear impressions for custom hearing products in Houma, LA

Ear Impressions at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

If you’re planning to get a customized in-ear device or product, you must first have an experienced audiologist to make an impression of your outer ear and ear canal. Unfortunately, not all hearing centers offer them, and not all audiologists are experienced with ear impressions.

At Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, this is a part of our full-scale hearing care services. We can help you create a perfect impression of your ear for an in-ear device or product.

Ear impressions are something we do regularly in our clinic, so you can rest assured that your ears are in the hands of experts with years of expertise in this service.

About Ear Impressions

Custom ear impressions are models of the unique shape of your outer ear and ear canal. They’re used to make custom-fit earplugs, earbuds, hearing protection, swim molds, and other products that need to fit snugly and comfortably in your ears.

Ear impressions ensure a precise fit for your ears, provide improved hearing protection, and make wearing hearing aids more comfortable.

Our Ear Impression Process

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions has a quick, easy, and painless process for getting you the best ear impressions.

First, we will evaluate your ear to ensure that there are no blockages or medical concerns that could affect the results. A clogged ear prevents the putty from forming the correct shape of your ear canal.

If everything is clear, we will insert an otoblock, a plug that protects your ear canal.

Then, we will use an impression syringe to precisely inject a small amount of silicone putty into your ear canal. The putty will quickly harden to form a mold of your ear.

Finally, we will remove the otoblock and putty and fine-tune minor details. Once done, you should now have an ear impression that perfectly mirrors the shape of your ear canal.

You can now send this custom ear impression to your vendor so they can start creating your personalized in-ear device or product.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

Whether you’re getting fitted for a hearing aid or planning to order a custom-made in-ear device or product, we can help. Don’t trust your ears to just anyone. We have a team of expert hearing care providers who are knowledgeable and experienced in making ear impressions.

Contact our team now and schedule your appointment for professionally-made ear impressions today.

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