Cerumen (Earwax) Removal

Earwax removal in Houma, LA

Cerumen (Earwax) Removal at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

Do you feel a blockage in your ears that is affecting your hearing? You may have excess cerumen (earwax) buildup which will need a professional cerumen removal procedure. Comprehensive Hearing Solutions offers these services to help you maintain your ear health. Learn more about our earwax removal service.

Ways To Remove Earwax

Removing earwax is important to maintain clean ears and good hearing. Ignoring ear health may affect your overall wellness. Earwax removal can involve instruments, such as picks and forceps, to safely and carefully remove excess earwax.

Ear irrigation is another way to remove earwax. This process involves a special water bottle that is used to gently pump water into the ear canal to steadily flush out earwax. We also use a video otoscope in our cleaning methods so you can see what the inside of your ears looks like.

I Thought Earwax Was Good?

Yes, earwax is a sign of healthy ears. This yellowish substance protects your ears from bacteria and infections. It also keeps your ear lubricated and clean. However, the earwax that does not naturally get removed can build up in your ear then harden, causing hearing issues.

Constant earphone usage can also promote earwax buildup. Moreover, improper cleaning techniques can push the earwax deeper into the ear canal, further worsening the hearing problems.

Although earwax is a sign of good ear health, its buildup can lead to complications. Let our audiologists assess your situation and determine whether a cerumen removal procedure is necessary.

When Do I Need Cerumen Removal?

Some signs that you need to get your ears checked for cerumen buildup include:

  • Earaches: Has one or both of your ears been aching lately?
  • Hearing Loss: Have you noticed that the music from your earphones is a bit muted?
  • Ear Ringing: Do you notice constant ringing at random times (also known as tinnitus)?

If one or two of these instances ring true, consider letting our ear doctors check your situation.

How Often Do I Need Earwax Removal?

Ear health depends on an individual’s unique situation. There is no standard schedule that everyone can follow. Consider visiting our audiologists to determine whether you need cleaning and set an appropriate schedule.

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