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Dr Erin Rushing - Online Hearing Tests

5 Reasons to Reconsider taking an Online Hearing Test

If you’ve been turning the television louder, asking others to repeat themselves, or asking people to face you in order to hear them better, you could be experiencing symptoms of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be frustrating and scary. You may have wondered, “Can I just test my hearing myself at home?”

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Hearing Loss - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma LA

Causes of Hearing Loss

Since I started the blog just two weeks ago, I figured it would be useful to share some basic information about hearing loss. About 36 million people have hearing loss, and approximately 30% of those people wear hearing instruments.

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Hearing Health Quiz - Audiologist Houma LA


I couldn’t help but think of people with hearing loss during the holidays. Many events are noisy, including family gatherings, and this is where people with hearing loss experience the most trouble: in group settings or noisy places. How many people were participating in family or other social events with hearing loss?

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