Comprehensive Hearing Solutions was founded in Houma, Louisiana, in 2016. We are a family-owned and operated audiology practice that focuses on addressing hearing loss and difficulty in adults.


We believe that a smaller clinic allows us to spend more time with our patients, which is vital to assessing and managing their hearing loss and communication needs. We have thoughtfully crafted our practice so we can live up to our name and offer the most comprehensive hearing care in the area. We are committed to serving the Bayou Region with exceptional hearing healthcare and customer service.


We are both from rural southern Louisiana. It’s home. Erin was raised in St. James, and Wally grew up in Donaldsonville, so we understand the unique culture of southern Louisiana, especially the Bayou Region. Today, we raise our two boys in Thibodaux, so we live and play in the same community as our patients.

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Meet the husband and wife team at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

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Your Audiologist

Hi there! I’m Dr. Rushing, but you can call me “Erin.” I earned my Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D) from LSU in 2012. Before that, as an undergraduate student majoring in Biology at UL Lafayette, I studied hair cells in sea anemones that detect vibrations in the water, similar to the tiny hairs in human ears. The time I spent in the lab inspired me to learn more about human hearing. In fact, during my research, my professor got hearing aids, and when he explained his experience, he said, “I really think you would like this,” and something clicked. I had always wanted to work with people, not holed up in a lab, and I suddenly realized how I could put my knowledge to use.

While earning my Au.D, I took the opportunity to learn as much as I could. This included a T35 traineeship at Vanderbilt to study with Dr. Daniel Ashmead and a traineeship with LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities). I also earned the Chancellor’s Award, which is bestowed on the student who has demonstrated scholastic and leadership ability and exemplifies an enthusiastic commitment to their profession. It is the highest honor in the school of Allied Health Profession.

For on-the-job training before and after graduation, I worked with and was mentored by, Audiologist Lynn Creel of Creel Hearing Center in Metairie, Louisiana. It was there I discovered that, unlike other clinical settings, a private practice allows me the time needed to really listen to my patients and the flexibility to address their concerns and put them at ease.

After practicing and living in Metairie for five years, the opportunity to start a practice of my own in southern Louisiana felt like coming home. I am passionate about serving Louisiana’s Bayou Region, and we are proud to offer our patients the most comprehensive hearing healthcare in the area.

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Certified Audiology Assistant

While I function as the Office Manager, I am your Patient Care Consultant, and you can call me "Wally"! When you start working with us, I am often the first person you will speak to and the first person you’ll meet. 

As a vocalist and musician, I have a personal interest in acoustics and the physics of sound. I also have a background in accounting, which I feel provides a solid foundation to understand all aspects of business. My role here at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions integrates my passion for sound with delivering a product and service that people need.

Like Erin, I love working with people. I enjoy greeting patients as they arrive, helping with paperwork and scheduling appointments. I can even help with troubleshooting and supplies! I educate new patients on our process, determine whether and how we can address their hearing issues, and explain what to expect for their appointments. Providing excellent customer service is very important to me, and I work hard to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming.



We proudly offer the most comprehensive audiological hearing healthcare in the region, based on the latest evidence and state-of-the-art techniques. We know that improving hearing can change someone’s life, and we’re passionate about bettering the lives of our patients. We are committed to honesty and transparency, focusing on empowering our patients with the knowledge, tools, and devices, if needed, to hear better. Each patient we see gets the time they need to ensure they are confident and have the knowledge, strategies and technology to hear better. We believe that our patients are family, and we plan to continue serving our community in southern Louisiana for generations.


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To always be realistic about how much we can 
improve your hearing.

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To always be honest and transparent in our advertising, pricing and all our communications.

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To always treat you with the same level of courtesy and care we show our family.


We approach audiology from both a scientific and human perspective. We understand the medical aspects of audiology, including the anatomy and physiology of the human ear. So we can identify breakdowns in structure or function. This includes a thorough examination and a complete audiological evaluation. Once we understand where and how things aren’t working as they should, we can work with our patients to find solutions.

When it comes to the human side of things, first and foremost, we educate our patients on what is going on in their ears and provide them a diagnosis. We explain whether they need to pursue medical treatment or management with another physician and provide them with strategies to communicate better. If technology is necessary, in the form of hearing aids or other devices, we work with our patients to help them meet their goals and improve their lives. From the initial fitting to device care and maintenance to lifestyle changes, we are here to support our patients every step of the way.



Not hearing as well as you used to? Are you experiencing new or odd symptoms in your ears? Take our quiz to find out if it’s time to find care for your hearing.

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