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The Audiologist, Erin G. Rushing, with Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, was very thorough, friendly, and not pushy when presenting the product to me. I will definitely continue my relationship with her when I am ready to move forward.



I would highly recommend this company for any of your hearing needs. They are very professional and caring. I have been wearing hearing aids for twenty years that were issued to me through the VA. I am now wearing aids that were recommended by Dr. Erin and what a difference; they are what I needed all along. Been there for three follow-ups and could not be happier. Dr. Erin met my needs, and more. All I can say is outstanding performance!!



Very happy with the service, you solved my problem when 6 people had no clue as to what was the problem. Thanks so much.



My experience was very very good! Everyone was very professional and helpful in every way. I can hear everything so much better with my new hearing aids! I highly recommend this doctor to anyone having hearing problems.



Great experience!! I rate Comprehensive Hearing Solutions # 1 and will recommend them to all my family and friends!!



We are always treated with respect and our concerns are very important to Dr Erin. Awesome visit. Thanks


Delton F

Dr. Erin Rushing is so “down to earth.” I love that! I can tell her anything. And, she takes awesome care of my dad. He got his hearing aids first. After seeing the care and attention that Dr. Erin gave to my dad and his hearing loss/ aid issues...I decided to get my aids from Erin also. She is knowledgeable and experienced in hearing loss issues. And, she is sweet, kind and patient. Erin is able to speak to me as a patient in terms I understand. Dr. Erin makes me feel like I am her only patient. She gives me her full time and attention during my appointments. Well, I bring my pups with me to my appointments, so Erin gives them attention, too! Between Erin taking care of my dad for the past 8 years or more, and now taking care of me...I recommend Comprehensive Hearing Solutions to any person of any age. You will get top notch treatment and service.


Kim E.

Thanks to Dr. Erin Rushing and her staff I got everything I needed done for my hearing exam. I would recommend them to anyone needing a hearing evaluation.


Charles D

As an audiologist myself, I am very picky about to whom I refer my patients. I know that my patients will always receive excellent care from Dr. Rushing! I would feel confident in having her treat my own patients or even my own family members. She follows best practice guidelines and her service is exemplary. Call her today.


Laura Ann

I just made my follow up visit with my custom fit CIC hearing aids from Comprehensive Hearing Solutions. They are very comfortable and sound great also. Dr Rushing had me try the ready-to-fit hearing aids and they didn’t work for me. Dr Rushing made sure that I got something that worked for me and that I was well satisfied. I live about 1hr 40min from Comprehensive Hearing Solutions and it was well worth the drive. My new hearing aids are much better than my old ones. Thanks again Dr Rushing.


Ryan S

Excellent, friendly, personable care. Dr. was very experienced and knowledgeable. Staff also friendly and helpful. Office decor very nice.


John H

Very pleased with the concerned and caring service I received. The devices are exceeding my expectations.


Edward S

Great compassionate service. Dr Rushing worked with my husband, who was not looking forward to this life change. She spent time understanding his lifestyle and was not "all about the bells and whistles" available in upselling. She was sincerely interested in his needs and saved us money. He has gone back as recommended to have the best outcome and it has been life changing in a great way. Dr Rushing provided great care, honest and sincere. We both highly recommend Comprehensive Hearing Solutions.


Renee P.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rushing. My hearing aids were in sooner than expected. I explained to her that I have hearing aids but they mostly stayed in the back of my purse because they were never programmed correctly. I was very embarrassed to wear them because I still had to ask people to repeat themselves, so I stopped wearing them. My children hated when I had to ask them a second time sometimes a third time to repeat themselves. They thought I wasn’t wearing them because I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t hear. Dr Rushing said “I don’t want these to end up in your purse, so I’ll make sure that you’ll be able to hear before you leave here.” She did exactly what she said, she programmed them just right. I can’t say how long it’s been since I’ve been able to hear so well. She paired them with my iPhone and explained how it works. I love the the Bluetooth! My life is back to normal, Dr. Rushing put them in my ear and I didn’t feel them there, I did not have to ask anyone to repeat themselves and didn’t have to turn the volume way up on the tv. I was so happy with the way I could hear I really did not want to take them out at bedtime. Thank You Dr. Rushing for doing a Great Job!


Gwendolyn M.

Dr. Rushing has been comforting, informative and extremely helpful in solving my hearing problems. I highly recommend her for the future and look forward to a continued relationship!!!


David C B.

I felt welcomed and important from the minute I walked in the door. Walter, the front-desk attendant was very courteous and helpful. Dr. Rushing is an extremely delightful person. Her professionalism was appreciated and her calm demeanor reinforced my comfort level. She was thoughtful, insightful, and thorough in her questioning and explanations. I would have no problem recommending these people to family and friends.


Philippe B.

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