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Telehealth Hearing Services

Coming in for an appointment or adjustment may not always be feasible, so we offer some of our services online for your convenience.  Although we highly encourage you to schedule a comprehensive hearing test in our clinic where we are fully equipped to diagnose your hearing loss symptoms, Dr. Erin Rushing is licensed to provide telehealth hearing services when needed.

Online Hearing Services through Video Conference

Scheduling a telehealth appointment with us is easy and convenient. Schedule online or call us at 985-262-7335, and we will send you an email with a secure link to a HIPAA-compliant video conference. Then, we will walk you through the appointment.

Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

Having issues with your hearing aid and need assistance? Schedule an appointment online and we will work with you on what issues you are having so you can hear more, sooner.

Hearing Aids with Remote Programming

Some hearing aid brands like Signia and TruHearing offer remote programming. If you have this brand of hearing aids, we can help you program your hearing aid online.

Follow-Up Appointments

Have you already had a hearing test in our clinic and want a follow-up appointment? We are happy to do this virtually. We can answer questions about hearing aid technology or your current hearing aids.

Can I get my hearing tested online?

Getting a hearing test online may be quicker or easier, but we would caution against going this route. Online hearing tests are a one-size-fits all approach and are not customized to your specific hearing needs or your unique ear anatomy. Online hearing tests are more like a hearing screening vs an actual hearing test and can tell you if you need to see a hearing professional or audiologist. 


Variables like your computer’s sound card, the speakers or headphones used, and the hearing environment make it difficult to get accurate results through a virtual hearing exam. When these results are then used to calibrate hearing instruments, you might not experience any improvement in the ability to hear. 


The instruments and tools we use in our clinic to diagnose hearing problems and hearing loss are the best way to determine  your problem and get you on the path to hearing better. We don’t just perform one test, but a series of tests in our office to understand the full scope of your hearing issues.

Be sure to schedule your hearing test in our office here!