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How we'll help

Your Hearing Exam

Also referred to as an Audiological Evaluation, your hearing exam is a series of tests to determine if you have hearing loss, if it can be treated medically, how severe it is, and to what extent it affects your ability to communicate.  We will discuss the results of your evaluation at the same visit and customize your treatment to help you hear your best.


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Hearing Aid Consultation

Whether or not you’ve had a recent hearing exam, exploring hearing instruments can be overwhelming.  With so many options available today, it’s difficult to know what you need. We will discuss your needs and help determine the best options for success with hearing instruments.  Our goal is to help you navigate the amount of options available, teach you about the processing technology, and explain the benefits you will receive.

Hearing Aid Fitting

A hearing aid fitting includes customizing your hearing aids both physically and electronically.  The hearing aids will be physically fit to you and assessed for comfort and retention. They will be programmed electronically to compensate for your hearing loss and to restore audibility using prescribed targets calculated from your hearing exam, in addition to setting the noise management based on your performance in the presence of background noise.  Special equipment will be used to verify that the hearing aids are outputting the volume you need for your hearing loss, called real ear verification. We will teach you how to insert and remove the hearing aids, and how to clean and maintain them. A hearing aid fitting includes two follow-up visits to insure that your hearing aids are working optimally for you and to make any necessary physical and acoustic adjustments.  There is no "one size fits all" approach.  Hearing aids should be comfortable both physically and acoustically and should be something that you want to wear every day!   

Hearing Aid Programming

Existing hearing aid users may find the need for additional adjustments over time. Hearing aids can be adjusted to accommodate for a change in hearing, a change in environment, or a special application, such as a program for a courtroom or hiking.  Hearing aid output is programmed to targets calculated from your hearing exam’s results. Parameters such a noise management and microphone directionality are set in the hearing aids to give the best intended outcome. We can program most major brands of hearing aids, even those that we did not deliver in our office.  However, there are some private labeled hearing aids that cannot be programmed by us, because the manufacturers do not share their software with all professionals. Our staff will be happy to help you determine if we can program your hearing instrument.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We can repair most brands of hearing instrument.  If your hearing aid can be repaired in-house with parts we have on hand, we will make every accommodation to repair in our office.  We can call the manufacturer to determine if your hearing aid is under warranty. If it is, the parts will be covered under warranty; however, there may be a charge for the service.  

Hearing Aid Clean & Check

A "broken hearing aid" can sometimes be remedied with a cleaning or simple part changes.  This is not always something the patient can do at home. Over time wax and debris can accumulate in your hearing aid’s microphones and receivers, keeping it from functioning properly.  We use equipment to clean the exterior, microphone(s), receiver, and battery contacts, as well as replacing disposable or worn parts. We can clean and inspect any hearing device from any manufacturer regardless if you purchased the device from us or not.  

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