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Should you see an audiologist?

You might be experiencing new or odd symptoms in your ears and wondering if you should visit an audiology clinic. We’ve created this questionnaire to help you figure out what the best step is for you. 


Please take a look at our questions below and answer honestly.

1. Do you have ringing, roaring, or buzzing in your ears?
2. Do you favor one ear over the other?
3. Do you ask people to repeat what they have said?
4. Do you notice more difficulty understanding women and children? Does it sound like they mumble?
5. Have your family or friends commented on your ability to hear?
6. Have you been told that your tv is too loud?
7. Do you have trouble understanding people over the phone?
8. Do you have difficulty following conversations when two or more people are talking at the same time?
9. Do you have difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise or in a crowded restaurant?
10. Do you avoid social interactions where you find it harder to hear in or understand?
11. Do you avoid the movies, theater, or church because you miss too much?
12. Do you sometimes feel embarrassed when you meet new people because you struggle to hear?
Image by Esther Ann

Did you answer ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions?

You may have hearing loss and should schedule an appointment with an audiologist who will test, diagnose, and provide treatment options for your specific hearing difficulty. If you’re located in or around Houma, LA - come see us! You can schedule an appointment here.